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Modern Fung Shui

In celebration of Lunar New Year, we are sharing the top ten tips for an abundant home from a modern Feng Shui Master.

  • February
  • 2024
  • Residential
  • News

Feng Shui is the art of balancing elements and energy flow in your surroundings to improve your moods, psychology and how you are inclined to think, feel and act - all of which influence your ability to manifest abundance. These elements are brought to life through the furnishings, layouts and design features in your home. Put simply, Feng Shui is about applying common sense and instinct when you plan your spaces or build a home.

Jane seamlessly integrated traditional Feng Shui with modern design principles to create abundance by design at Ethos. This was achieved by analysing the building’s energy map (every building has a unique map), enhancing the physical aspects of the property and maximising the harmonious energy.

Here are Jane’s Top 10 Feng Shui Tips for an Abundant Home

Your front entrance

1. The front of your home represents wealth and your ability to attract opportunities. Ensure the path to your front door is welcoming and clear of obstacles and clutter.

2. Clutter is a Feng Shui killer, so take the time to organise and de-clutter all spaces of your home. You can start with your front entrance if your focus is to improve finances.

3. Please don’t put a mirror directly opposite your front door. This will reflect energy and opportunities straight out of your home. Instead, place something beautiful like artwork to draw energy inside.

Your living spaces

4. Decorate with things you love, and remove anything that gives you a negative vibe, like unwanted gifts. If you feel good about the objects in your home, this will enhance your mood whenever you walk in.

5. Think about the first thing you see when you walk into your living space. If it is the TV, this becomes the focal point. If it’s artwork, lounge area & say a fireplace, this will be more conducive to communication and harmonious relationships.

6. Set up lounges in an L shape, as this encourages friendly and open discussion. Sofas directly facing each other are in an oppositional layout, which can energetically lead to conflict.

7. Decorate with plants to bring living energy into your home and filter the indoor air.

Your bedroom

8. Don’t place your bed under a large window or in direct alignment with the door. Instead, place your bedhead along a solid wall, diagonally opposite the door. This will give you support and protection.

9. Check your bedhead wall. Does it contain heavy cabling or a meter box? If so, move the bed. This will interfere with your sleep quality and health.

10. Take care with mirrors reflecting the bed as they amplify unresolved issues between couples. Replace doors with a non-mirrored alternative or cover them with a curtain while you sleep.

Bonus tips – Decorating and Design

• The safest colours for decorating your home are peaceful colours found in nature. The best colours to use around your home depend on your energy map. For example, the bright colour red can stir up unwanted energy, so avoid using it in big expanses, like walls and large pieces of furniture.

• Create a balance between Yin and Yang (complementary opposites found in nature), such as light and shade, feminine and masculine, high and low, and openness and enclosure. Aim for balance and harmony in these aspects when decorating your home.

• Water features enhance your wealth sector, and the best location differs for every home depending on your energy map. Test the placement of water first. A water feature can amplify negative energy if it is not in the correct location.

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