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Brand CE

We sat down with our rebrand partner, Katja Hartung from brand marketing specialists Toben, and got some insight on the whole process. Toben has worked with iconic brands such as Art Series and QT Hotels and were the perfect partner for our own rebrand.

  • October
  • 2023
  • Portrait Series
  • News

Can you talk us through the rebrand process with CE?

We are deeply committed to the creation of meaningful brands, and we feel privileged to have been invited on this journey by CE.

To capture and convey the unique essence at its core, we embarked with an open-mind on an ‘Insights generating phase’ – including interviews with internal stakeholders, customers, partners, as well as a view on the market and future trends. The next phase was the ‘Strategic phase’, in which we connected all of those dots into a clear proposition that defined the heart of CE.

From there we moved into ‘Verbal Identity’ and ‘Visual Identity’ – starting off with strap line, logo concepts, visual assets designed in context and tone-of-voice. Once we were satisfied with the direction and assets, the concluding phase addressed ‘Applications’, which evolved strongly around the new website.

What made you want to work with us?

We greatly admire CE’s conceptual approach and their steadfast dedication to the context and unique narrative of a place. Their emphasis on authentic ideas and their unwavering commitment to quality and design strongly align with our own values. So, CE’s ethos really resonated with us.

In addition, we believe in doing good work with good people. Honest conversations and effective collaboration, especially during challenging project phases, are paramount to us. We had no doubt that CE had the best team, and it showed throughout the entire project.

How did you come up with the Brand Platform?

The Brand Platform is the final piece at the end of an extensive process. It began with a wealth of insights, derived from dialogues with internal stakeholders, balanced by external insights from customers and the market. The Strategy weaves those ambitions and permissions together into a brand space that is a true reflection of CE’s heart: CE’s commitment to finding and building on the history, purpose and context of each site, with unique concepts or stories that revitalise it. Subsequently, the brand platform got translated into all of its facets and detail.

Can you explain the design process for the new logo?

The design of the logo was informed by two ideas: the visual ‘tonality’, and the logo concept.
We explored the tonality for the overall identity first. We defined a relevant space between the solid built sector and the more conceptual architectural realm. Additionally, we infused an editorial touch to tie in with the emphasis on the narrative of each development.

The logo concept was born from our central theme and the new strapline, ‘Unlocking Remarkable Places.’ We explored various concepts around keys, openings, and visual shifts. Once the concept was chosen, we refined it into both a logo icon and logo type, both incorporating the distinctive ‘unlocking’ elements. This flexibility allows them to be used interchangeably while maintaining recognition.

Tell us about the brand refresh, where CE came from and where we are going?

Central Element has evolved from its origins as a boutique developer into a more mature and self-assured entity, ready for an exciting new phase of expansion. I believe that the clarity of the brand idea and the refinement of the brand identity mirror this newfound maturity.

What part of the new brand are you most proud of?

I would say how the brand has seamlessly come together as a whole. It manages to strike a beautiful balance of being highly relevant and meaningful, while appearing effortless and simple. It communicates on a very intuitive level.

Looking at their competitor set, what do you think sets CE apart?

What distinguishes CE is their distinctive approach to creating extraordinary places. Their commitment to deep listening, extensive consultation, and rigorous critical thinking sets them apart from conventional place-making practices in the industry. This approach allows CE to find deeper meaning and inspiration in each site. Their philosophy of listening, discovering, and ‘unlocking’ empowers them to take on unique sites, and to create genuinely captivating spaces.

Can you summarise the CE brand for us?

Unlocking Remarkable Places.

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