• September
  • 2023
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Key to CE

After months of crafting and finessing behind the scenes, we are proud to reveal a new CE brand that aligns with our purpose of unlocking remarkable places.

  • September
  • 2023
  • Company News
  • News

With time and significant growth, we realised we’d outgrown our previous brand, and decided to move forward with a brand-new look and feel that is truly reflective of where we are today. The brand direction was guided by our organisational expansion, resulting in a brand that encompasses our new offerings, increasing footprint and placemaker proposition.

The bold new brand was developed in collaboration with brand marketing specialists Toben, who have worked with iconic brands such as Art Series and QT Hotels.

Together, we’ve tirelessly woven together ideas, inspiration, and aspirations to create a brand that resonates with our past and propels us into the future.

Our brand purpose – translating extraordinary stories – stems from our love of storytelling, of tales that energise, intrigue, and inspire. This is what we search for, what we want to unlock in each site, this is our central element. We bring joy and enrichment to communities by bringing to life their extraordinary stories in remarkable places.

Our new CE logo incorporates a key, which speaks to us unlocking the central story, the full potential in each of our projects. With our new visual identity, the acronym CE is turned into an abstraction of a key symbol. The central part of the logo is shifted and unlocked, relating the key concept back to our brand name.

Our six brand values reflect our brand purpose;
1. Permanence – longevity matters to us in everything we do and everyone we work with.
2. Authenticity – we listen, look, learn and faithfully bring to life real, remarkable stories.
3. Genuine Enrichment – we seek to improve and enrich the communities we create in.
4. Audacity – we foster a culture of healthy, measured risk in our people and partners.
5. Without Limits – we see each site as a blank canvas and want to find its unique story.
6. Mutual Respect – respect matters deeply to us and echoes in everything we do.

“Central Element has evolved from its origins as a boutique developer into a more mature and self-assured entity, ready for an exciting new phase of expansion.”

Katja Hartung


The rebrand is more than a visual transformation for us; it’s a testament to our evolution, our growth, and our dedication to finding unique sites and creating extraordinary places. Our bold new brand will help us move forward as property developer of the future.

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