Why Central Element chooses Gaggenau

Gaggenau is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of home and professional kitchen appliances.

Gaggenau aspires to allow enthusiast chefs to bring their culinary visions to life in their own homes. This approach to developing appliances of the highest quality aims to bridge the gap between innovation and intuition for a seamless experience.

From Gagganau’s beginnings over 300 years ago, the company continues to remain committed to quality craftmanship with a fundamental concept of design and form meeting functionality. Today the company still assembles their signature TFT displays for their appliances by hand, and the iconic extra-wide 90cm EB 333 oven has been hand-assembled for over 30 years.

A Rich Heritage

Gaggenau began as a nail forge in 1683 in the Black Forest region of Germany. At the time the area was home to poor farmers that had struggled to make a living for many generations. Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden – the aristocratic leader of the region established the nail forge in Gaggenau and a smelting plant in the northern region of Rotenfels. By 1873 Gaggenau grew their plant and facilities to enable the manufacturing of farm machinery. During the industrial revolution with the beginning of mass-production, the company was already laying its foundations as a German legend in engineering.

After becoming an industry leader with a highly successful range of innovative coal and gas-fired stoves, (and a foray into bicycles by 1908), Gaggenau had imbued the importance of build quality and functional design within the business.

By 1931 the company had shifted their focus to their manufacturing of these successful coal and gas-fired stoves, and by the late 1940’s had begun to produce ovens with the same technology. This was later followed by the production of electric ovens.

Fast forward to today and Gaggenau continues to build on their core values to innovate and build luxury appliances for the aspiring home chef. Today the product range has expanded and includes ovens, coffee machines, cooktops, extractors, refrigerators, wine cabinets, dishwashers and washing machines.

Form and Function

Gaggenau sets themselves apart from other appliance and white goods manufactures with their robust professional quality, as well as focussing on form and function to deliver a truly intuitive experience. The companies stand on quality, craftsmanship and innovation leads to long-lasting and quality end products that stand the test of time.

Here at Central Element, we believe in finding the best fit of form and function when it comes to our developments. We have an ongoing partnership with Gaggenau, fitting their appliances in the Anden, The Balmoral Collection, The Malton and Mera, projects with a retail value of nearly $20k per apartment.

Central Element and Gaggenau have together aspire for their clients to live an enhanced lifestyle with quality products and high-end finishes that let the user intuitively interact with their home environment.

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