Urban Terraces: Exploring the World-Class Landscape Design of Anden Coogee

The Andes mountains have been home to terraced landscapes since at least 2000 BC to maximise agricultural space.

Today, the andén design is taking shape in a very different environment: inspiring the landscape at Anden Coogee by Central Element.

Landscape architects at Dangar Barin Smith have worked in conjunction with MHNDU to create an extraordinary multi-level landscape surrounded by private apartments. Tom Smith of Dangar Barin Smith says the site naturally lent itself to a terraced design.

“The site and architectural design resulted in the need to address the substantial level change. This posed a unique opportunity. A series of slimline integrated terrace lawns and gardens became a mechanism for us to create depth, scale and interest, all within the context of an expansive communal lawn and grove of feature cabbage palms.”

Creating a lush environment through tropical tree tops

This choice of cabbage palm trees will create a rainforest-like atmosphere for residents. As Tom explains, these palms aren’t always suitable in an urban environment due to their large canopies. However, we had the luxury of considerable open space, which made them the perfect palm choice for the site. The concept of running a grove of these cabbage palms at differing heights helps in creating a natural, almost whimsical experience, with a sight line similar to so many natural cabbage tree rainforest environments.”

Having the space to truly create a central landscape

Tom says that the collaborative relationship with MHNDU has made the design process a joy. “MHNDU created and encouraged the concept of having a significant portion of the site designated to landscape space. We are often left with several tight side passages or large masonry planter boxes to make look beautiful – so it cannot be understated how refreshing and innovative this landscape is in playing such a critical role in the design.”

The resulting design for Anden Coogee will provide a secluded sense of privacy for residents of the 15 soon-to-be-completed apartments at 190-192 Oberon Street. Community features will include vegetable gardens, solar panels servicing communal areas, a shared wellness room with infrared sauna, and EV-ready capability. Together with luxe interiors by Lawless & Meyerson incorporating Gaggenau appliances, the Anden apartments encapsulate a sense of relaxed barefoot luxury within minutes of Coogee Beach.

A new sense of place, space and privacy in Coogee

As Tom at Dangar Barin Smith explains, the fact that so much of Anden Coogee is dedicated to landscaping will differentiate these residences.

“I think the notion of Anden being such a large open landscape – and most significantly private – will really change the way residents live and connect with the landscape. So often in multi-residential developments the landscape is an afterthought. Anden Coogee has quite innovatively viewed the landscape as a primary design driver. This holistic approach to the design has resulted in a completely integrated architectural and landscape interface.”

You can explore Anden Coogee to see the plans for this distinctive landscape design in Sydney, and visit the display suite now via a virtual tour.

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